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Green Fleet - Corporate Account

Contact us to set up a corporate account so we can create a transportation plan designed to fit your business's unique needs.  Our Private Car Service covers a 300 mile radius of Eau Claire and is available 24/7.  Our all-electric fleet of Tesla SUV's will put off a professional look while helping you meet your company's internal sustainability goals.  Fill out the form below to get started.

We can help your business save money and run more smoothly.  The analysis below shows how our Luxury Shuttle service can reduce your costs and give your employees time to work instead of losing productivity while driving.  Stop paying for vehicle mileage and parking at MSP and let us handle the driving.


 EC to MSP - 5 Day Trip

Vehicle Mileage: 190 miles RT, IRS reimbursement rate for 2024 is $0.67/mile - $127

Parking at MSP: $30/day - $150 Lost work time from driving: 3 hours @ $40/hour - $120

Total cost for paying employee to drive their personal vehicle: $397

RT cost for 1 rider between EC & MSP: $278 - A savings of about $120 per trip!

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