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Green Fleet - Luxury Shuttle
From your door to the MSP Airport & beyond!    


Private Car experience, lower price.

We believe in making your journey comfortable, convenient and stress free.  The Luxury Shuttle is a door to door, shared SUV service & is designed to give you maximum convenience while keeping costs low.  Goodbye to the stress & hassle of driving yourself, rentals cars and crowded shuttle vans!  Let us provide you with a smooth, quiet ride.  

24 hour advance notice required!  Book Now!

We will also track your flight upon to your return to MSP and will adjust your pickup time in the event your flight is delayed.  For the best service around check out our Private Car Service.

MSP Airport - Luxury Shuttle Service


Vehicle Type: Black Tesla Model Y SUV (5 seats) - Shared vehicle with door to door service.

Seat Options: The Luxury Shuttle is a shared SUV with door to door service from your home/business to the MSP Airport. Book 1 seat, 3 seats (2-3 riders) or the Entire SUV for up to 4 adults.  7 seat SUV with room for 4 adults and 2 kids (5 ft, 100 pounds or less) also available.

Affordable Door to Door Transport

Luxury Shuttle Routes to MSP and Cities Served

EC to MSP & MSP to EC: Eau Claire, Altoona, Seymour, Truax, and Elk Mound 

Service to Fall Creek and Eleva available when booking at least 2 riders

CF to MSP & MSP to CFChippewa Falls, Lake Hallie, and Lake Wissota

Menomonie to MSP & MSP to Menomonie: Menomonie, Baldwin, Rusk

Hudson to MSP & MSP to Hudson: Hudson, Roberts, Hammond, Baldwin, Woodville


Seat Options: Never sit next to someone outside your party. 

Rear middle seat is left open unless you book the back row or the entire car. 

1 Rider: Provides maximum comfort, heated seat, wired and wireless charging

2 or 3 Riders: Reserves the entire back row of the vehicle (3 seats) for up to 3 riders, heated seats,  and wired charging are included

Full SUV: Reserves the entire vehicle for up to 4 riders, heated seats, wired/wireless charging

Water and snacks included with all bookings

Fast, Reliable & Convenient Service!  EC to MSP in about 1.5 hours!  


Eau Claire Departure:  Leave 3-4 hours before your flight.  Direct pickup included. 

MSP Departure:  Schedule pickup at least 20-30 minutes after landing without checked bags, 30-40 minutes

with checked baggage and 60 minutes after for international flights.  Send us your flight number so we are aware of your exact arrival.

All pickups and drop-offs are at the commercial area for limos.

Holiday Travel:  The Luxury Shuttle is closed on Easter, July 4th ,Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We can assist with rides through our Private Car Service on these days.  

Please text/call for parties with more than 4 passengers.  We can provide either a 7 seat vehicle that can seat 4 adults and 2 children or additional vehicles that can each hold 4 adults. 

We can accommodate groups up to 20 people.

Our Luxury Shuttle service offers a premium service for a low price by grouping riders from separate parties.  As such, your pickup/drop-off can be up to 30 minutes before or after your scheduled time.  We will notify you before your departure if your time has been adjusted.  

Private Car service is available if you require pickup at an exact time.  


  • Luxury Shuttle Rides require 24 hour notice

  • Ride changes under 24 hours have a $50 fee to accommodate a time change.

  • Late fee may apply if you're more than 15 min late for your scheduled pickup time. 

  • 100% trip deposit is charged for rides if cancelled within 24 hours of pickup time

  • 50% cancellation fee with over 24 hour notice - allowed to transfer 100% ride credit to another date/time​ with 3 hour notice before your pickup time.

  • No refunds after the ride is completed.

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