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Call 715-898-8022 to book via phone.



Rates below are for one passenger, one way.  Pickup available in either city.

Between Eau Claire and MSP: $185

Between Eau Claire and Rochester: $195

Between Eau Claire and Wausau: $205

Between Eau Claire and La Crosse: $175

Between Eau Claire and Marshfield $175

$40/Additional passenger

Shared Ride available for about a $50 discount on a 100 mile ride.



$50/person for up to 4 riders.  Only available for specific dates/times.  Must call 715-898-8022 to book.  Please note you're requesting a discounted rate on the phone.

5-5-22: MSP to Eau Claire, 12:15 PM departure

5-7-22: MSP to Eau Claire, 7:30 AM departure

5-9-22: Eau Claire to MSP, 4:00 PM departure

5-10-22: Eau Claire to MSP, 12:30 PM departure

5-10-22: MSP to Eau Claire, 2:15 PM departure - 1 seat available

5-12-22: Eau Claire, to MSP, 1:15 PM departure

5-13-22: MSP to Eau Claire, 4 PM departure



- Long Distance Direct (over 50 miles): $5 base fare, $2/mile, $40/additional person, $100 minimum 
- Long Distance Shared (over 50 miles): $5 base fare, $1.50/mile, $40/additional person, $70 minimum
- Local Direct (under 50 miles): $3 base fare, $3.00/mile, $3/additional person, $25 minimum
- Local Shared (under 50 miles): $2 base fare, $2/mile, $2/additional person, $20 minimum

Delivery Services: 
- Instant: under 1 hour: $5 base fare, $2.50/mile, $15 minimum
- Express: under 4 hours: $3 base fare, $2.00/mile, $12 minimum
- Standard: under 8 hours, $2 base fare, $1.50/mile, $8 minimum 

Additional Charges:
Wait time: $0.50/minute
$5.00 cancellation fee within 1 hour of pickup time for rides under $25
100% trip deposit is charged for rides over $25 if cancelled within 24 hours of pickup time

5% cancellation fee for all rides over $25 to cover booking fees

Long Distance Rides require 24 hour notice - if granted under 24 hours there is a $50 fee accessed

Local Rides require 12 hour notice - will do local rides under 12 hours at our discretion

Operating Hours: 5 AM - 11 PM:

Long Distance Rides if granted outside normal operating hours have a $50 fee 

Local Rides if granted outside normal operating hours have an additional $10 fee