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Green Fleet - Origin Story

Hi, I'm Bill Lobner and I'm the founder and CEO of Green Fleet based in Eau Claire, WI. This company started with a thought while I was working on my thesis at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. I was studying energy use and carbon taxes in the US and discovered the vast potential that electric vehicles have to reduce carbon emissions and lower operational and maintenance costs for fleets. This might sound boring at first, but lower operating costs enables lower prices for customers! What started as using my personal 2013 Tesla Model S (Blake), that I would charge in my garage to move people between Eau Claire and the MSP Airport has expanded greatly over the past 4 years! We now operate a fleet of 8, 2023 Tesla Model Y that just completed over 250,000 miles over the past 12 months! Our goal is to provide high quality and sustainable transportation to the Chippewa Valley and beyond. Our primary business remains getting people in WI and MN to/from the MSP Airport, but we have expanded our Private Car Service to cover a 300 mile radius of EC. In other words we provide transportation from Fargo, ND to Chicago, IL! And because our rates are structed for long distance transportation, we are the most affordable door to door ground transportation option and are even competitive with flights when considering both time and cost! This is especially true when booking for more than one rider as our Private Car Service just charges a flat rate for the entire vehicle (up to 4 riders). Our Luxury Shuttle, which was launched in July 2023 and covers about a 100 mile radius of EC, remains the most affordable black car service on the market. This service uses shared SUVs and scheduled hourly departure times to lower the cost of our Private Car Service. In fact when booking for 1 rider, our Luxury Shuttle is about 50% less than our Private Car Service. This unique service provides unparalleled convenience, luxury and affordability to our customers. Thanks for checking out our site and we appreciate your support of our business as we continue to grow and work to keep WI & MN connected with the MSP Airport and beyond!



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